You’ve seen her before. I know you have -- fiery red hair & a smile that makes all right in the world.


Documenting WordPress Community

Kari Leigh Marucchi has been a staple in WordPress and an institution at WordCamps for years. Collecting WordPress t-shirts and photos became her hobby and ambition. In fact, you may have used or are using one of her Creative Commons images as your headshot on social media.

Documenting the Community of WordPress Is Kari Leigh's Passion

She always catches the light and she shares that light through her gift of photography. She captures the moments of connection that show what is truly special about the WordPress Community. Again, her name is Kari Leigh Marucchi and she has spent years giving to the Community of WordPress. Until last night KariLeigh and her lovely dog Emma were living in Georgia in an apartment. Now they need to find a temporary place to live because last night the apartment above hers caught on fire.

Kari Leigh’s okay. Emma is okay.

However, because of the water used to put out the fire, the equipment she uses to take and process photos for her business are not okay. Furthermore, her apartment is uninhabitable.

What’s the need?

Kari Leigh does not have a safety cushion of paper money (or credit) to finance her temporary residence and she now needs to take off time from her day job and project work -- losing valuable billable hours. “I've already lost critical wages from just the last 15 hours and will lose much more in dealing with this.” Since Kari Leigh is a renter, the details are unclear as to whether or not she’ll be fully reimbursed for any loss. More importantly, when she will be reimbursed.

How can you help?

Donations help with finances now and this is a place to express your love for her. Feeling alone is never okay.

We’re WordPress. We’re Community. Let’s do this.

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